Encorps / Marching

Allen Joanis Series

Allen Joanis, a nationally known director for the WGI group Surround Sound and a composer and drill designer through his design company JW3, wanted a durable series of mallets and sticks that have a rich full sound. The resulting marimba mallets have hand wrapped latex cores and yarn combining the durability of hemp with the richness and warmth of wool. The vibe mallets have hand wrapped latex cores and 100% hemp cord. The snare and tenor sticks have a round bead that gives a consistent sound regardless of the angle of attack.
Front Ensemble Series

Designed for durability and projection in marching percussion ensembles, the FE Series contains models for xylophone, marimba, and vibraphone. The skullful blending of rubber, latex, and extra-strong yarn into weighty and articulate mallets makes this series particularly well suited for high-volume performance. FE Birch mallets are made with extra thick (3/8 inch diameter) wax-coated birch shafts for easy grip, increased control, and long life after hours and hours of use.
Marching Bass and Tenor Mallets

Encore marching bass drum beaters have a unique locking devise inside the beater ball to keep the heads on and add weight to the ends for better balance and feel.