Marimba Mallets

Nanae Mimura Series

Nanae Mimura Series mallets are slightly heavier than NZ Series mallets, and they feature latex-wrapped rubber disk cores covered by North American wool. The yarn is all natural wool (not chemically processed) and therefore particularly soft and durable. (Our yarn is purchased from the sheep farm that harvests the wool. The yarn is so natural that you may occasionally have to pick out a small piece of hay from a mallet head!) The softness of their yarn combined with the hardness of their latex-wrapped disk cores make NM Series mallets two-toned and very versatile.
Naoko Takada Concerto Series

The Naoko Takada Concerto Series was designed in cooperation with internationally acclaimed marimba artist Naoko Takada, for marimbists desiring extra articulation and projection while maintaining the richness and full fundamental sound of a latex wrapped core. These mallets are harder, heavier, and brighter than both the NZ and NM Series mallets, making them particularly well suited for ensemble playing.
Nancy Zeltsman Series

These mallets were designed to meet the highest standards of world-renowned marimbist Nancy Zeltsman Their weighty heads of soft, Peruvian wool yarn allow marimbists to create consistently warm tones at all dynamic levels, and are thus an outstanding choice for solo and ensemble marimba artistry. NZ Series mallets feature latex wrapped disk cores and are available in eight degrees of hardness for musical expression on the full range of the marimba.
Yarn Wound Series

Introduced in 1982, the Yarn Series mallets were the first latex-wrapped core mallets in history, and have since remained staple implements of percussionists the world over. These are the mallets that set Encore Mallets, Inc. apart from the rest of the industry. Their full, rich, and round sound of maximum fundamental and minimum attack is achieved through the skillful combination of hand-wrapped latex and durable 100% wool sport yarn. For that classic Encore sound, the YR Series is place to start and stay.
Latex Wrapped Series

Based on the traditional marimba mallets of Mexico and Central America, the Latex Wrapped Series mallets clearly articulate the fundamental pitch of marimba bars. These mallets are offered in five degrees of hardness, and they provide unique color options for marimba as wells as auxiliary percussion. All Encore yarn mallets have latex wrapped cores that resemble our finished Latex Wrapped mallets. The full fundamental sound and slight rebound of these mallets have become the hallmarks Encore Mallets.
Two Mallet Series

The TM, two-mallet, mallets are part of the newest series offered. With most marimba mallets today being designed for four mallet playing, Bill Patterson, percussionist with the San Antonio Symphony, and Dan Lidster, have developed two models of mallets specifically designed for two mallet playing. They have a shorter thin rattan handle with a small weighted yarn covered head. These work great for state level competitions as well as for professional playing.