June 20, 2017

Hard Corps Series: the marcher’s dream

We set out to build the perfect mallet for marching percussion. We started with a dense core to add weight and power. Then, we added our signature latex rubber to bring out the fundamental and give it that unique Encore feel. Finally, we used bamboo yarn for articulation and durability.

These themes are all very important when considering marching mallets. Without weighted power, your sound will not be pushed through the rest of the band’s noise. Our natural latex rubber brings out the clarity you need to show off runs and dynamic ranges. Without a durable yarn, front ensemble players can eat through mallets like nobody’s business!

It was all this that brought us to the design of the Hard Corps marimba mallet series. We worked with local band directors and drum techs to find the perfect balance of these qualities. What amazing things you can do when you collaborate with great minds! As we continued testing them, we learned that not only were they great for indoor and outdoor marching groups, but they will enhance your playing in an orchestral or solo setting as well!

Along with the Hard Corps mallets, we also have the Hard Corps marching snare sticks! They’re 17″ with a 3″ taper to keep the weight well balanced, with a barrel-shaped tip for a punchy sound. They really are a powerhouse of sound!

So, check them out!!!


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